EternalWood is line of durable composite wood products. EternalWood products have significantly improved properties when faced with degradation agents of external environment. EternalWood products vary from outdoor furniture, planters to decks, sidings, fences etc. Main EternalWood advantages are:

Natural look & feel

EternalWood combines all key benefits of the initial wood material: it preserves the original appearance of natural wood and a warm feeling. Impregnating agent helps to prevent wood from cracking and provides long term UV protection.

Outdoor applicability

Because of its UV stability and waterproof properties EternalWood products allow their applicability in most kinds of outdoor environment including the areas with high humidity and temperature changes.

No maintenance

Purchase of EternalWood products is time and money saving and it represents one-time cost. Deep penetrating bond protects EternalWood against mold, improve its resistance to most agents of degradation. Fully impregnated polymer composite wood requires no additional maintenance or replacement costs.

Environment friendly

EternalWood is environmental friendly. It does not require usage of any environmentally hazardous materials such as chemical or surface preservation to protect the wood against degradation. As such it will not harm plants, pets or livestock. Our products are poorly combustible.


Natural wood gives a nice, natural and deluxe appearance. However, it has many disadvantages: it is very porous and sensitive material and easily degrades under influence of abiotic (UV light, rain, temperature changes) and biotic factors (fungi infections, insect infestation). Wood also has poor dimensional stability, which causes shrinking in dry weather and swelling in wet weather.

When using wood products in external environment negative externalities are even higher and more immediate. This results in additional costs of maintenance, renewals, replacements and care products. Wood care is in most cases associated with use of not only expensive but also extremely harmful substances for the environment.

If we don‘t take care of wood in outdoor environment wood gets ugly and degrade.

Team of experts have developed an innovative process where a silicone based polymer is applied to wood products converting it into composite wood in order to improve its properties.

Composite wood preserves its natural appearance. It is waterproof, fireproof and resistant to most agents of degradation such as mold etc. Impregnating agent helps prevent wood from cracking and it provides long term UV protection, which makes possible for Eternalwood to retain all key benefits of initial material. A deep penetrating bond protects wood against fungus and mold. Because improved resistance to most agents of deterioration composite wood products require no additional maintenance or replacement costs.

EternalWood preserves its natural appearance. It is waterproof, fireproof, UV resistant and resistant to most agents of degradation.

Innovation eliminates disadvantages of raw wood made products while maintaining the look of natural wood. In this way we:

  • enable the use of decidious tree species in the external environment,
  • enable the use of decidious softwood in applications that otherwise would not be appropriate,
  • eliminate to minimum the need to maintain wood products.

EternalWood combines most key benefits of the initial wood: wood retains natural look and feel.

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Properties of the polymeric composite wood allow widespread use, regardless of the type of wood.
EternalWood can be used for an extremely wide range of products such as:


Fences from local tree species.


Flooring without limitations.


No maintenance wood facade.

Outdoor furniture

Stilish outdoor furniture.


New way to use lumber.


Marine products are fully water resistant.

Bathroom equipment

Use wood freely in demanding environment.


Sky is the limit.


Impregnation takes place in specially designed high-pressure chamber. Before the technological process of impregnation starts wood must be air dried and pre cut. The quality and depth of impregnation increases with the number of treatment repeats. At the moment the maximum length of the work pieces is 120 cm. Best tree species for the treatment are linden, poplar and maple. Fully impregnated polymer composite wood is internally impregnated and thus suitable for further processing.


Additional sawing after impregnation is not recommended.


Although additional drilling after impregnation is possible we do not recommended it.


Finally treated polymer composite wood is suitable for gluing.


Polymer composite wood is suitable for surface grinding.


End user benefits

Completely deep impregnated EternalWood retains the majority of wood structure (containing only 5-15% polymeric substances). It is thus more suitable for outdoor use, while retaining all the positive properties of wood (long lasting natural look) that brings high benefits to end users:

Poorly combustible

Wood becomes fire-resistant and poorly combustible.

Solid structure

Has a solid structure (does not shrink, swell or crack).

Resistant to weather conditions

Wood becomes permanently resistant to different weather conditions (it is waterproof and does not fade).

Resistant to biological factors

Wood becomes resistant to biological factors (does not decay, is resistant to fungi, insects and other vermin).

Customer benefits

Due to the high added value of our services , manufacturers may offer products from cheaper local tree species with improved properties , as characterized by the durable products made from precious and rare tree species (Teak, Merbau, Beling, Padouk, tropical Brazilian walnut…), which are currently the most suitable for outdoor use.

Market increase

Increased applicability of the products allow producers to expand their offer, not only in terms of providing greater choice of used wood species, but also in terms of the wider range of products intended for outdoor use.

No production technology change

Manufacturers of wooden products do not need to change their production technology. They outsource our services and only add one extra step to their existing technology. Tools for the treatment of impregnated wood wear faster.

Increased value added

Cheap domestic tree species treated with our technology achieve high market sales value. EternalWood products attract most demanding customers.

Our Service

We offer service to treat customer’s final wood products with our technology. Service take place at our location in Bled, Slovenia.


We invite public to freely expirience EternalWood technology at tree Lake Bled spots.

Wooden Floor Shower

EterrnalWood Spot 1 – Velika Zaka at Lake Bled.

Water jump stairs

EterrnalWood Spot 2 – Hotel Toplice at Lake Bled.

Waterslide stairs

EterrnalWood Spot 3 -Grajsko kopališče at Lake Bled.



EternalWood tradermark attended Slovenija Start-up competition and among 250 Start-up competitors reached final (best 5 firms) in Slovenija Start-up competition.


EternalWood trademark reaches final on the eighth Slovenian Innovation Forum. In Forum we participated with our own exhibition space at country’s biggest exhibition center.


EternalWood trademark attended Coinvest Investment Conference in Nova Gorica. At the conference, we participated with our own information counter.


EternalWood team of experts invited public to design new wood products. Designers, architects, public research organizations, high-tech companies, wood artisans, carpenters and otherwise creative people were especially invited. With their assistance we designed a new line of EternalWood products.

Garden line

Decorative garden solar cube light.

Indoor line 

Elegant line of high tech wood lights.

Bathroom line 

New philosophy in bathroom. Use of wood in bathroom as beautiful and suitable material.

Urban line 

Simple outdoor furniture for pleasure.


Durable veneer for outdoor use.


About our team

Our team was founded as an innovative start-up company. We have developed a procedure of application of the silicone polymer to the wood product. The latter is thus converted into the composite wood, which has substantially improved properties.

With EternalWood idea attended Slovenija Start-up competition and among 250 Start-up competitors reached final (best 5 firms) in Slovenija Start-up competition.

Nowadays EternalWood Development Research (RR) team consists of experienced professionals with a wealth of experience from the world of entrepreneurship and composite materials as well as detailed knowledge of wood branch.

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